Ginza Sta. × Armani –One of the Coolest Subway Entrance

the Coolest Subway Entrance DSC_0371
DSC_0389 usual810
The pictures above are “B3” Entrance/Exit of Ginza subway station.

It is probably one of the coolest public transportation doorway in the world.
If you go down the stairs from “B3”, it is possible for you to pass through the glittering underground of  ARMANI GINZA TOWER. Even if not take a subway train, You freely use this entry in order to move to the destination using the underground passage.



New York City Subway
cf. New York City Subway(also awesome)

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TRANSTYLE専属ライター 東京大学大学院修士課程修了 脳内ニューヨーク出身/東京都在住/年齢不詳/趣味は美容と身体管理/老けたら負けよ かわいいものが大好きです。 言いたいことが言えない記事なんてポイズン。